Founders: Marie and Manu


kep-autrement-11After a first visit of 6 months in Cambodia 13 years ago, and going back and forth for 4 years, I settled in the Kingdom of the smile 9 years ago. A first year in Phnom Penh, and for 8 years in Kep. First as a French teacher for a small school as part of a non-profit association, I then created a magazine on the reawakening of Khmer art and culture. Then with a Belgian friend, we created Kep Autrement 4 years ago.


Came on a holiday “by chance” in Cambodia, I left Belgium 7 years ago to settle here and  followed the wind. First in Siem Reap, where I worked with an orphanage, then I quickly discovered Kep where, fallen in love, I went to make my nest almost 6 years ago. First, as a guide for a local agency, then manager of it. Then we created with Manu, my friend of ride, Kep Autrement, to make discover the surroundings according to our point of view, our approach.


Max, aged 60, but eternally young, will welcome you to Kep to be your French-speaking guide. Settled for 23 years in Asia, first in Vietnam, then in Laos, and finally in Cambodia since 2009. One can say that he “knows the corner!” Organizer of motivation courses for companies established in Asia, he also offered paragliding and canyoning baptisms in Vietnam, and opened a trekking agency in Laos before moving to the Country of Smile. After a year and a half spent in an NGO in Phnom Penh as heads of studies, he sets his bags in Kep, where he creates the Magic Tree and practices facial reflexology.


Vutha is a longtime friend of Marie and Manu. Tuktuk Driver in Siem Reap / Angkor, he also accompanied visitors in the north of the country. After several passages in Kep, he decides to join Kep Autrement team in order to live “in the most beautiful region of Cambodia” (he says it himself, not us). English-speaking guide of the team, 31 years old, he looks forward to share with you the traditions, rituals, customs of the country and the region with you.

Vanna (Tuk-Tuk driver)

P1080063Tall and handsome boy, which does not spoil the business, Vanna is the driver of Kep Autrement since its creation. We made him discover our tracks, and enjoying the game, he made us discover others! An innate kindness and an affable nature, he will know perfectly, in our company or not according to our availabilities and your choice, how to make you live a very nice day by the roads and tracks of Kep Autrement.

Veng Ven (Motorcycle guide)

veng-ws-ka-jpgA longtime friend of Marie and Manu, Veng, 34, is a French and English teacher for small sections in a free school in Kep for 7 years. Since the creation of Kep Autrement, during his holidays or on weekends, he regularly worked with us, either to “close” the walk when there are more than three motorcycles, either as an accompanist or as a guide. He knows perfectly well the paths we take and our state of mind. You can follow him with confidence and have a great day with him!


Khan is a friend of Vanna, who has lived in Kep for 22 years, this 32 year old man has already rendered us many services during all these years. As Kep’s Alternate Guide, he knows our activities and logically he joins the team as we open our tours to English-speaking travelers.


The idea is quite simple: to discover all the richness that offers the region of Kep and Kampot off the beaten track. On a “playground” of 10,000 square kilometers, we will explore the countryside and reach the main points of interest by passing tracks, small villages, at the very heart of the local life. The principle is to go for a ride, to take time, to stop at will, to meet the inhabitants, to absorb the life of the people in the countryside, which represents 80% of Cambodia. Few roads, tortuous paths, we propose routes that are out of the ordinary one. The feeling of being lost without being so, transplanting rice in the good mood of work, crossing hundreds of kids grabbing you with smiles and “hello”, stopping in a caff and eating traditional local food, drinking coffee or fresh cane juice, attending a game of volleyball, visiting a natural cranes reserve, unique in the world, taking a boat ride in the mangroves, etc. We are also here to answer your questions, whether it be language, history, culture, drama, politics, religion, the current situation of this country full of magic and surprises that is reborn from its ashes.

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