Lakes, temples, mountains and valleys


   Countryside, valleys, plantations, pepper, nature

   Departure: 8h30 – Arrival: 17h

   Distance: around 100km

For this tour in the northern part of the Kep province, one must love the laterite tracks, the hidden lakes, the pre-Angkorian and troglodyte temples, the sugarcane and the rice fields. In the morning we will visit the countryside and its diversity of cultures, among them the market gardening. Then we will discover the cave of Phnom Ch’nork, which offers a surprising mineral and vegetable show, and a pre-Angkorian altar dating back to the 7th century. We will have a coffee at the “Pétanque and Bets” bar, then have lunch in a “boui-boui” that is looks like a real palace. For two hours we will ride over hill and dale, between mango and pepper plantations (we will visit one of them) … in the shade of the hills and valleys, some strange places are concealed. Depending the month during which you will participate to this tour, we will witness the incredible ballet of the mango pickers, the rice growing or harvesting… in other words… the living heart of an authentic and nonchalant Cambodian countryside.

Price for the NORTH Tour (Per person)


 : 40$

: 20$


For the motorcycle tour, an additional $ 8 is required for a back-seat (behind the guide) and $ 35 for an additional guide.

The rental of the motorcycle as well as the meals are not included in the price of our tours.