Two Days Tour

Immersion in the provinces of Kep and Kampot


   Immersion, rice fields, inhabitants, tracks, pepper

   Two days, one night

   Distance: around 240km

The best way to soak in a country, a culture, its people, is it not to spend time in the heart of this country, this culture, with its inhabitants? Convinced of this, we propose you to leave for two days to visit the region in depth, and sleep in a Cambodian family in a small village “lost” in the middle of the Khmer campaign. Although a minimum of comfort is required (small mattress, mosquito net and fan) we will share with you, for an evening and a night, the daily life of this adorable family. This tour is a mix of the East, West and North Tours, and will be for you, we are convinced, an unforgettable experience.

Price for the Two Days Tour (Per person)


 : 150$

: 80$

: 65$

: 55$


An additional 16$ is required for a back-seat (behind the guide) and 70$ for and additional guide.

Prices for the 2-day tour include the night at the family house, dinner, and breakfast. The rental of the motorcycle, as well as the meals and drinks of the day, are not included in the price of this Tour.